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By DingoOnMy40, September 11, 2013 0 Import, News, PS3

“This upcoming game is a 3D fighting game with team battles. Mecha from the OG saga series can clash in 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2, and 1 vs. 1 fights. B.B. Studio and Beck are developing Super Robot Taisen… Read More »

By DingoOnMy40, September 11, 2013 0 Import, News, PS3

Finally announced Gundam Extreme VS: Full Boost is officially coming to the Playstation 3 in 2014. Its been almost 2 years that they released the arcade version. It only took the previous one a year to be released on the… Read More »

By DingoOnMy40, September 8, 2013 0 Import, News, PS3, Vita

J-Stars Victory Vs is an upcoming fighting video game that combines the universes of several Weekly Shonen Jump manga series. It is expected to be released by Namco Bandai Games later on this year for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Gameplay J-Stars Victory Vs lets up to four players battle it out… Read More »

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  Shin Gundam Musou [New Dynasty Warriors Gundam] from Bandai Namco and Omega Force. Coming December 19 on the Playstation 3 and the Playstation Vita This game will feature over 100 Mobile Suits and will have realistic Graphics like the first… Read More »

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The wait is finally over on August 29th 2013 a new JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighting game was finally released in Japan…. Read More »

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Its September and to most of you Import gamers out there its TOKYO GAME SHOW month plenty of info on upcoming imports coming soon in Japan. There will be plenty of pre-show games that will be shown but the big… Read More »

By DingoOnMy40, September 1, 2013 0 Vita

Finally, months after the PS3 version was released, an official release date for the vita version of GUNDAM BREAKER was announced. Celebrate your Halloween and the release of GUNDAM BREAKER on October 31. The PS Vita version will contain all… Read More »

Review: Gundam Breaker PS3

By DingoOnMy40, September 1, 2013 0

Looking for a games to build and customize a Gundam well look no further GUNDAM BREAKER Lets you build and pilot… Read More »

Finally getting things rolling

By DingoOnMy40, June 3, 2013 0 Uncategorized

Finally starting stuff rolling on this site, my goal is to offer how to play imports, dingo will cover the obscure imports and wonder video captures and strider will focus too much on shmups and fighters!

Lollipop Chainsaw Japanese Premium Edition

By DingoOnMy40, July 22, 2012 0 Import, News, PS3, Special Edition, Xbox 360

Starting with an unusual import, while Lollipop Chainsaw has already been released in the North American and the world this Premium Edition adds a few bells and whistles to the title. Featuring both English and Japanese languages, exclusive content not… Read More »