Play Nintendo NES Imports




The Nintendo Entertainment System “NES” is cartridge based, and like most cartridge based home consoles the region system is easily bypassed with a cartridge add-on. As simple as a cheat device you jut put it in the cartridge slot then put the game on top and your playing imported games.

The Nintendo Entertainment System “NES” is an odd exception from its original Japanese “Famicom” version. The cartridge is physically larger and features 72pins on it connector instead of the original 60 pins. However the architecture remains unchanged, with a simple adapter the NES system and the Famicom system are ready to play imports.


  • Different amount of connectors on the cartridge
  • Different cartridge size
  • Video frequency programed to cartridge

Nintendo Entertainment System “NES” (NA Version)
Release Date: 1985
Compatible Media: Nintendo NES Cartridges
Compatible Systems: No Backwards Compatibility
Power Supply: External power supply
Video Signal NTSC/PAL: Game Cartridge Manages NTSC/PAL output