Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. FULL BOOST update

 , “Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. FULL BOOST (Extreme VS Full Boost)” for the PlayStation 3 2on2 battle robot action. Price to be determined. Also, which is being held at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo until September 22 from September 19 to “Tokyo Game Show 2013” has been decided this work.

?The popular “Gundam VS.” Comes to PS3 evolved further in the arcade. Bull player mobile suit a selection of 28 works from past Gundam (MS) is a new war, war aircraft number 90 machine over the series record number. In addition to new elements of the home network and only rich functionality has been added, by the deployment of EX system that evolved, can enjoy deeper Battle exhilarating.

[War] work list
Mobile Suit Gundam Seven Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Steel
Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO Mobile Suit Gundam V
Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08MS Platoon Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden THE BLUE DESTINY Gundam W [debut]
0080: War in the Pocket Mobile Suit Gundam Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY Mobile New Century Gundam X
Mobile Suit Gundam ? ? Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam ?? Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY
Char Berutochika Children of Mobile Suit Gundam Counterattack Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY
Mobile Suit Gundam UC Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E.73 STARGAZER
Hathaway of Mobile Suit Gundam flash Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Mobile Suit Gundam F91 Theatrical Feature Mobile Suit Gundam 00-A wakening of the Trailblazer-
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Gundam EXA [debut]

Team battle action in the series tradition alive and well in this film!

Battle team battle 2on2 as a tradition of “Gundam VS.” Series. Select your favorite aircraft, the player a team with friends as a wingman. It is victory by defeating the enemy aircraft, and zero the gauge strength of opponent. Outcome is determined by the cost of the system against this work. 6,000 next, aircraft minute cost is reduced each time it is shot down the total cost of team. The aircraft all appeared, the cost of 1,000 to 3,000 is set, the performance is as good as aircraft high cost but decrease the risk of strength gauge when it is shot down increases. To fight in a team structure that thought aircraft characteristics and cost, the affinity leads to victory.

[Mechanism of cost and aircraft]
3000 Risk when it was shot down is high, long high-performance aircraft of the duration of the boost gauge has endurance.
2500 It is a high-performance aircraft close to the cost of 3,000 aircraft, but slightly inferior in terms of durability and mobility.
2000 Risk when it is shot down the average small performance. Aircraft with special abilities such as deformation often.
Thousand Performance is low, but the risk of defeat at the time low. Can play an active part in sufficient to take advantage of the characteristics of armed.

Extreme system you limit evolution!

? Extreme Action

Boost dash can be canceled all actions. Moreover, steps can be canceled melee, possible to impress a custom combos by connecting the attack. However, step and burst dash can consume a boost gauge, resulting in overheating and abuse.

Boost dash that allows you to move fast

Has the effect of turning off the induction of the opponent’s attack step

The aim pursuit by canceling the rigid after the attack

? burst attack and extreme burst

Extreme burst that can be triggered EX gauge accumulating to more than half. It is received the various benefits movement speed, attack / defense power-up, such as the recovery of the boost gauge ammo number after activation. Furthermore, it is possible to pay out a burst attack by totally consumed EX gauge remaining. Only some of the aircraft were used in the previous work burst attack, but they become available on all aircraft in this work. Technique is different for each aircraft each, but the fanfare is also available either.

[Extreme burst to choose from two types]

ASSAULT BURST you Semekomu the enemy at once

BLAST BURST to hunt down the enemy carefully

The ASSAULT BURST a burst attack will be available in the EX gauge consumption of a certain amount

It also has the effect of canceling the shooting step in the BLAST BURST

Full boost first appearance aircraft

? Impulse Gundam

Shinn Asuka

Impulse Gundam

Aircraft name: Impulse Gundam
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY
cost: 2,500
pilot name: Shin Asuka
early fighting song: ignited – Ignited – revenge – Freedom defeated

Main shooting: beam rifle
Fighting: saber
sub shooting: separation attack
special shooting: Silhouette retrofit
[I] saber sword jump: Fighting special
burst attack: Excalibur [rush]

Be to retrofit silhouette, 2,500 cost universal body that can respond to the distance of the near throat in far. If Tsukaiwakere to suit the situation Sword of close range, medium-range force of war, blast of long distance races, respectively, can be the work of more than the cost.While looking at the state in the fire fight in force silhouette, Let’s take a retrofit to assess the weak tactics of the enemy early.

EX burst

Burst attack

Sub shooting of the force at the time. Shoot the beam while avoiding enemy attacks

Also possible to shoot a beam to shield he threw, Aiming the opponent by reflection

Main fire blast at the time. It is a weapon bullet speed and easy-to-use at the earliest

Missile launches blast at the time with the characteristic induction of strong

Main shooting sword throwing boomerang two. I am strong in close combat

Special sword attacks at the time to raise sword while rising along with the other party

? Gaia Gundam

Stella Loussier

Gaia Gundam

Aircraft name: Gaia Gundam
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY
cost: 2,000
pilot name: Stella Loussier
battle song: ignited – Ignited –

The main shooting: beam rifle
Fighting: saber
sub shooting: Abyss Gundam call
special shooting: Chaos Gundam call
special fight: rapid deformation
burst Attack: The die is disgusting!

2,000 cost aircraft to fight using a different form of the MA-oriented fighting with the MS form of shooting focus. Mainly in cooperation with the attack Abyss Gundam and Gundam chaos, dogfight with the spindle to move attack by special shooting has become good at in MA form solid fighting whereas good at in MS form. It is possible to connect to the retrofit of a special fighting of various actions, it is important to continue or fight with drawer how the advantages of both forms.

EX burst

Burst attack

Sub shooting form of MS at the time of the Abyss salvo Gundam

Missile that shoots of Chaos Gundam has a powerful induction performance

Stab attack Abyss Gundam MA form when. I come in handy as a follow-up

Approaching rapidly can the other party using the meteorite special shooting of MA form when

Charge shooting shoot a beam while retrofit MA form instantly

? Gann

Ma Kube


Aircraft name: Gann
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam
Cost: 2,000
pilot name: Ma Kube
Tobe: battle song! Gundam

Main shooting: Missile
Fighting: beam saber
sub shooting: Haidobonbu
special shooting: Azzamu call
special fight: shield stance
burst Attack: hydrogen bomb missile

Fighting aircraft in addition to shield poised I prevent an attack on the enemy, with a number of special armed give life in close quarters. And Haidobonbu of explosion on contact, and interfere with the other party using the Azzamu leader Azzamu to injection, occur let eyeing an excellent melee. On the other hand, because armed to aim in a state in which the distance is far less, such as the cover of ally weak points. Needing to be constantly aware of the distance ally.

EX burst

Burst attack

Hyde pump to install a large number of mines in the aircraft forward

Shield stance is I prevent the attack from the front

I will be changing in the lever input the location of the leader Azzamu

Missile shield early bullet speed. I also able to aim at close range

? Crossbone Gundam X3

Tobia Aronakusu

Crossbone Gundam X3

Aircraft name: Crossbone Gundam X3
Original name: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Cost: 2,500
pilot name: Tobia Aronakusu
early fighting song: Space Pirate Crossbone Vanguard combat theme

Main shooting: Muramasa Blaster
fight: Muramasa Blaster
Oki [Throwing] burning: sub shooting
special shooting: Ku~abaze the [throwing]
special fight: I field-hand
sword Muramasa Blaster rare: Burst Attack

Mobility increases, safety and release of various fighting performance changes, fighting near universal machine of 2,500 cost of utilizing the I field hand that you can access while preventing the shooting attack, launch a close combat. However, because the unit is not equipped with the ABC cloak is synonymous with Crossbone series, it is not possible to fight the way such as to approach aggressively to shield the ABC cloak. Let’s take a while to sort the situation out fighting movements of the opposing such as special sub shooting and shooting while avoiding the attack.

EX burst

Burst attack

Safety release of Muramasa blaster that fighting performance is improved

Throw a log that stun the opponent If I win, Oki [throwing] Burning

You can access while disabling the shooting of opponent I field hand

[Throwing] to throw faster than that to keep pushing the button Ku~abaze

Once only available nuclear warheads per machine. I want to hit reliably

? Stargazer

Selene McGriff, (left) and Sol-Luneburg-Ange (right)


Aircraft name: Stargazer
Original name: CE73-STARGAZER-Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
2,000: cost
pilot name: Sol-Luneburg-Ange & Selene McGriff-
door-of STARGAZER ~ star: Battle song

Main shooting: beam gun
fight: Orage de Ryunu
sub shooting: Flash Mine [setting] / [explosive]
special shooting: Civilian Astray DSSD Custom call
special fight: Vu~owachuru Lumiere
burst Attack: Propulsion beam light

2,000 cost aircraft to fight the center of a special armed Orage de Ryunu. And sub shooting to set the flash Main in place, such as fighting for the attack in all directions, armed with a habit in many cases. Vu~owachuru Lumiere special fighting can be for a certain period of time, to raise the big fighting performance and mobility. Use well the special struggle Vu~owachuru Lumiere triggered during steal a victory close at once.

EX burst

Burst attack

Special shooting attack by beam assist aircraft of two aircraft

Shooting charge to fire a beam gun while moving

Performance such as the moving speed is up special fighting and exercise

Fighting to the attack in all directions. Opponent blow off when the attack hit

? Banshi~i

Marida Cruz


Aircraft name: Banshi~i
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam UC
cost: 2,500
pilot name: Marida Cruz
battle song: UNICORN

Main shooting: Beam Magnum
Fighting: beam saber
sub shooting: beam saber [throwing]
special shooting: Armed Armor BS [High Output]
special fight: Armed armor VN
burst Attack: Armed Armor BS maximum output []

The retrofit 2,500 possible fight near universal machine to Destroy Mode from Unicorn mode.Ue is capable to perform a EX burst charge and fighting to retrofit Destroyed mode temporarily rest Durability is below a certain value, it is possible to maintain Destroy Mode. Performance of mobility and fighting force is up when it comes to Destroy Mode, it is the key while remaining conscious of the endurance value, it should keep the Destroy Mode how.

EX burst

Burst attack

Banshi~i the aircraft with excellent fighting. I shoot in quick succession

Main shooting mode beam Unicorn Magnum

Hyper bazooka effective when used in interwoven main shooting

Special shooting, a special armed short laser remains a certain period of time

Sub fire to throw the beam saber on the left and right

War aircraft

? ? Gundam


? Gundam

Aircraft name: ? Gundam
Hathaway of Mobile Suit Gundam flash: Original name
: 3,000 cost
pilot name: Mafuti-Nabiyu, Erin
battle song: the name Mafuti-Nabiyu-Erin

Main shooting: beam rifle
Fighting: beam saber
sub shooting: funnel missile
special shooting: Megabimu Cannon
special Fighting: Minofusuki Craft fast-moving
burst Attack: salvo

Simultaneous attack by missiles and beam shooting attack near all-purpose aircraft of powerful 3,000 cost. The axis and sub shooting that simultaneously emits a funnel missile, the main shooting to fire together also arm missile, Let’s take aim at Megabimu Cannon of special shooting. Minofusuki craft high-speed movement to trigger a special fighting will become possible to impress the melee further enemy blew with melee attacks as well as strengthening of mobility. You can aim the large damage at a stretch could utilize well.

EX burst

Burst attack

Arm missile is fired in conjunction with the beam rifle

Firing, which increases the number if Minofusuki craft moving at high speed sub shooting

Megabimu Cannon. It is easy to armed addressed to wide in the width will rely

Also possible to move fast to Minofusuki craft moving at high speed

? Wing Gundam Zero (EW version)

Heero Yui

Wing Gundam Zero (EW version)

Aircraft name: Wing Gundam Zero (EW version)
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz
cost: 3,000
pilot name: Heero Yui

Main shooting: Buster rifle
Fighting: beam saber
sub shooting: Tallgeese III call
special shooting: Twin Buster rifle
special fight: flying
burst Attack: Twin Buster Rifle [fire]

Shooting various attacks you use the Buster rifle with both hands to the body of shooting powerful 3,000 cost. Around the main fire that can bring down an enemy with a Guess, style takes away the down the other I make use of the high mobility is strong. Also, if work with Tallgeese III was added as an assist aircraft, it is possible to shoot a more powerful crossfire.The poured shooting continuous, so you Nigiro the initiative in the game.

EX burst

Burst attack

Some drawbacks Buster rifle is a powerful attack range is short

Charge shooting rolling attacks using Buster rifle of both hands

Tallgeese III, assisted cancellation to the main fire

Special fighting to use the wings back and go big in the direction that you entered

? Tallgeese III

ZX Marquis

Tallgeese III

Aircraft name: Tallgeese III
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam W Endless Waltz
cost: 2,500
pilot name: ZX Marquis

Main shooting: Mega Cannon
Fighting: saber
sub fire: heat rod
special shooting: Mega Cannon [maximum output mode]
special fight: Taurus calls
burst Attack: Mega Cannon [critical power]

And shooting attack that boasts a high firepower, special maneuvers using the super vernier 2,500 cost of shooting aircraft characteristic. Super vernier, a special move that can be moved in an instant in various directions at the input of a single jump button. We will begin by for input is special, to get used first to be able to operate as intended, unlike a normal aircraft. It even if possible, it’d be that you fully demonstrate the performance of the shooting attack various, including the assist attack.

EX burst

Burst attack

Heat rod cornerstone of close combat. Let’s deal with to not panic be close

Charge attack to fire the Mega Cannon while moving

I Ubaeru great damage Mega Cannon of high power at maximum output mode []

beam torus gives off has the effect of state to stun the opponent

? Gundam

Amuro Ray


Aircraft name: Gundam
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam
Cost: 2,000
pilot name: Amuro Ray
Tobe: battle song! Gundam

Main shooting: beam rifle
Fighting: beam saber
sub shooting: hyper bazooka
special shooting: beam javelin throwing []
special fight: Core Fighter / Guntank call
burst Attack: Last shooting

All-purpose aircraft fighting near that combines shooting and armed easy-to-use beam rifle, hyper bazooka, and assist, an excellent fight. Since the basic element in this work is complete, it might be a good practice in this aircraft and to get used to the game system. Various core fighter and more, are added to assist cooperation attack aircraft has become possible. Further, beam Javelin can give a high stretch damage by incorporating the combo sheets.

EX burst

Burst attack

It is effective hyper bazooka and interwoven main shooting

Core fighter assist newly added

Beam Javelin charge possible by holding down the button

BD was also fighting in melee you use the beam saber

? Zeong

Char Aznable


Aircraft name: Zeong
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam
Cost: 2,000
pilot name: Char Aznable
Char barrel dashing: battle song

Main shooting: arm mega particle gun
fight: wired arm
sub shooting: arm mega particle cannon [collection] bullet
special shooting: lumbar mega particle cannon
special fight: wired arm [injection]
burst Attack: salvo

Axis to an all-range attacks using wired arm, and shooting aircraft to overwhelm the enemy with a rich shooting attack. When fly toward the enemy wired arm special fighting, it is possible to make an attack on the opponent from various angles. However, I’m having weakness also likely to struck the size of the aircraft is greater on endurance value is low. Chance to show of arms or can be avoided how there. It also revived as Zeong head remaining cost is shot down at 2,000 or less. Let’s take a chance of exploiting the enemy without giving up until the end.

EX burst

Burst attack

Your opponent down arm mega particle cannon collection [bullet] is hit

Melee can attack from medium range using a wired arm

I mount the attack in the lumbar mega particle cannon of special shooting from a distance

It is also possible to target the reversed beam attack Zeong head

? Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai

Kinkedo~u NOW

Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai

Aircraft name: Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai
Original name: Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Cost: 2,500
pilot name: Kinkedo~u NOW
battle song: Space Pirate Crossbone Vanguard combat theme

Main shooting: Buster Than
Fighting: Bimuzanba
sub fire: Wexford screw-flops
special shooting: Pez Batara-call
special fight: Bimuzanba continuous attack
sword Bimuzanba rare: Burst Attack

Fighting near universal machine of good at 2,500 cost to shield the ABC cloak that will prevent certain amount of beam attack, and baiting the close combat. Let’s take aim at melee and screw Wexford flops sub shooting to cut the bosom of the other party using the BD fight that can be approaching rapidly, is reliable at close range. However, care must be taken ABC cloak is made to re-sortie in the absence of cloak when not prevent live ammunition and melee, and have already cost over.

EX burst

Burst attack

There is a grip to restrain the opponent and swing side to screw Wexford-flops

Pez-Batara of the assist. I can induce moves the opponent strongly

Special Bimuzanba fighting with attack rolls wide range of

The effect of attracting assist the enemy to beam shield to throw

? Strike Noir

Suu~en-Cal Bayan

Strike Noir

Aircraft name: Strike Noir
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E.73 STARGAZER
cost: 2,500
pilot name: Suu~en-Cal Bayan
door of STARGAZER ~ ~ star: Battle song

Main shooting: beam rifle Shorty
fighting: Furagarahha 3
sub shooting: two twin Riniagan
special shooting: beam rifle shot Shorty [rotation]
special fight: anchor launcher [injection]
three consecutive attack Furagarahha: Burst Attack

All-purpose aircraft of 2,500 cost of a good hit and away attack utilizing the high mobility.Focusing on special shooting to fire a beam in a row while avoiding the opponent’s attack, armed easy to show an effect in the near-and medium-range war have all many. On the other hand, to take away a large damage in the moment it is very difficult. It took the down he took advantage of the chance moment of the other, and separated quickly by using the [injection] anchor launcher of special fighting, let disrupting the enemy.

EX burst

Burst attack

Anchor launcher after fighting [injection] is dependable is at close range

Verde Buster assist to cover by applying laser

It is easy to hit the width is wide 2 twin Riniagan, bullet speed because early

Anchor launcher [injection] is used assault, also withdrawal either

Beam rifle Shorty can also be used in a continuous


Moment · F · Seiei


Aircraft name: QAN
Original Name: 00-A wakening of the Trailblazer-theater version of Mobile Suit Gundam
3000: cost
pilot name: Setsuna · F · Seiei
closed world: fighting song

Main shooting: GN Sword V · rifle mode
Fighting: GN Sword V
sub shooting: GN Sword bit
special shooting: Gundam support Bagna call
special fight: GN sword bits [GN] field
burst Attack: GN Sword V · rifle mode [irradiation]

Fighting near universal machine of 3,000 cost carve out a victory using a different fighting performance and high mobility, the various armed to assist it. GN Sword bit may distinguish various other special fighting, to prevent N sub shooting to assist the short-range shooting, shooting sub after extending the fighting performance, the shooting of the other party. You use it properly according to the style of a weak enemy, so you Nigiro the initiative of battle.However, endurance value is low in cost 3,000, judgment Read enemy action instantly would be required.

EX burst

Burst attack

Fighting performance is enhanced dramatically in the Buster Sword mode

GN Sword GN field bits [] be prevented only shooting attack

Fighting performance as well as mobility increases significantly activated in the Trans-Am

Fighting performance and recovery of endurance value is up to Quantum burst

? Raphael Gundam

Royalty area Ade

Raphael Gundam

Aircraft name: Raphael Gundam
Original Name: 00-A wakening of the Trailblazer-theater version of Mobile Suit Gundam
2500: cost
pilot name: Royalty area Ade
world, ENVOY FROM JUPITER Confined: battle song

Main shooting: GN beam rifle
Fighting: GN Claw
sub shooting: GN Big Cannon
special shooting: GN Big Cannon [rolling]
special fight: Separation
burst Attack: GN particle maximum output

And coalescence time to pay out the shooting from a distance, separation during simultaneous attack with Seravee Gundam II can be, how to attack aircraft of the two is possible. Time that is not in the separation at the time of significant growth from the previous work, proper use to match the behavior of the enemy was easy to more. Barrage power and mobility increases significantly, it is possible to give a big pressure on the enemy during the separation.

EX burst

Burst attack

Sub shooting of union at the time. Let’s take aim at the chance of enemy bullet speed so fast

Special union at the time of shooting. Attack range will come in handy to dogfights when widely

It is possible to separate the Celavie Gundam II a special fighting

Seravee Gundam II also attack to match the main fire separation time

? Unicorn Gundam


Banagher Links

Unicorn Gundam

Aircraft name: Gundam Unicorn
Original name: Mobile Suit Gundam UC
cost: 3,000
pilot name: Banagher Links

Main shooting: Beam Magnum
Fighting: beam saber
sub shooting: hyper bazooka
special shooting: Jegan D-type call
special Fighting: NT-D system
burst Attack: Gundam! Lend force to me …!

Cost 3,000 all-purpose aircraft with two faces of Destroy Mode decided unicorn and mode in which the fire fight to the main axis beam Magnum, a close combat with high mobility. The contents of the technique has not changed the previous work, but now can be added advantages of each mode to enhanced more, to extend time for Destroy Mode further be used to burst attack.

EX burst

Burst attack

Beam of Magnum’s main shooting attack with excellent damage and bullet speed

Jegan D-type of assist. The enemy stagger about big beam is incident

Residual Shinen erosion can disable all range attack

May decide the combo of melee attacks from throwing the beam saber

Arcade Mode

The arcade mode, new course called “boss rush” was added. Boss huge aircraft, such as MA (Mobiruama) appeared in succession in this course. Pilots have confidence in arm Let’s challenge the difficulty is set to be enhanced.

[Boss rush course]

I’ll also check the information of the MS wingman well as boss of the screen before the battle

MA huge Shanburo as a series first appearance comes up, too!

While choosing your favorite route, aiming to clear all eight stage “branch Battle”. Several variants exist enemy aircraft and difficulty, such as stage varies depending on scene. In addition, EX scene appears when you win the high score.

[Branch] Battle course

You can choose a scene according to the skill and play style

Cost consumption of CPU ally is halved. I will fight with caution to force gauge

I began to play online co-op arcade mode in this work. Migrating to create / list selection screen of the room When you select an online play when you start mode. Friends matching is complete, it is possible to enjoy online courses only.

[Online co-op]

In arcade mode that allows online collaboration play!

Free Battle

Mode of off-line to do cooperation / competition play 1-2 people with the freedom to choose the various settings and stages aircraft, such as the BGM.

It is also possible to enjoy two simultaneous split-screen play in free battle

Released at the same time was recorded anime theme song of arcade version unreleased also “Premier G Sound Edition”!

Speaking of “Gundam VS.” Series, and it is one of the features and BGM theme song is the original’s been used many battle BGM. Limited Edition plus five original songs and 30 tracks of the arcade version unreleased newly appeared this time. The limited edition, it is possible to enjoy the battle by changing the favorite songs from classic successive using a custom sound feature.

[I introduce some of the Limited Edition collecting music]
Sorrow warrior / Daisuke Inoue
(Mobile Suit Gundam)
(Gundam W)
? path Koichi Hori / Char is coming
(Mobile Suit Gundam)
? Resolution / Akira Asakura
(War Gundam X)
? 10 YEARS AFTER / Chihiro Yonekura
(Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08MS Platoon)
? Believe / Tamaki Nami
(Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
? THE WINNER / Miki Matsubara
(Mobile Suit Gundam 0083)
? It used to be so much together / See-Saw
(Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
(Mobile Suit Gundam UC)
? Reason / Tamaki Nami
(Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY)
? ~ / infix I WINNERS FOREVER ~ winner
(Mobile Suit Gundam V)
? also fleetingly Kanash / UVERworld of permanent
(Mobile Suit Gundam 00)


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