Play Playstation 3 Imports

The short version is that the PlayStation 3 is REGION FREE, imports play with-out any requirements, tricks or additions.

However the PlayStation 3 is compatible with more than PlayStation 3 games. Including digital titles, backwards compatibility and multiple media formats. If all you care about is physical ps3 games then read no further.

The PlayStation 3’s various models are compatible with essentially 7 different media types across 4 physical mediums.

Media Types:

  • PlayStation 3 Physical Games [REGION FREE except “Persona 4 Arena“]
  • PlayStation 2 Games [REGION SPECIFIC]
  • PlayStation 1 Games [REGION SPECIFIC]
  • PlayStation Network Titles & Digital Content [Often REGION FREE]
  • BluRay Movies [Often REGION FREE]

Physical Mediums:

  • Blu-Ray Discs [Often REGION FREE]
  • Digital Media [Often REGION FREE]

While Sony changes the regional system in the new media the old media is still bound by its original regional codes.


Sony PlayStation 3 (All Models)
Release Date: 2006
Compatible Media: CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Content
Compatible Systems: PS1 (All Models), PS2 (only Early Models with 4 USB ports), PSP (Digital Only), PSV (Digital Only), Playstation Network Digital Titles
Power Supply: Internal Switchable power supply, requires adapter or adjusted internally
Video Signal NTSC/PAL: Universal HDMI, Specific via Composite & Component