Play Sega Master System Imports

Sega Master System M1

The Sega Master System is Region Free for actual Master System Games (NA, SA,UK) , Just put the games in and play!
*NOTE: The Original Japanese Sega Mark III Games require and adapter for the games to play on the Sega Master System Consoles.



The Sega Master System cartridge is region free under the sega master system name. its earlier counterpart “Sega Mark III” does require an adapter like most consoled. Additional this system was overwhelmingly supported in Brazil and surrounding areas . If you are looking for SMS imports make sure to start there.

Sega Master System “SMS” (AKA Sega Mark III)
Release Date: 1986
Compatible Media: Cartridges, Sega Cards (Model 1 ONLY)
Compatible Systems: No Backwards Compatibility
Power Supply: External power supply
Video Signal NTSC/PAL: Game Cartridge Manages NTSC/PAL output