Play Super Nintendo "SNES" Imports




The Super Nintendo Entertainment System “SNES” is simpler than most of the other home based cartridge systems, if you can get the cartridge to fit you can plat the games!

The general nesessity to playing snes imports is about making the cartridge fit instead of needing fancy pin adapters or installing switches. There are many ways to achieve this, some are simple and can be achieved with out a special purchase.


  • Use a Game Geinue
  • Take shell off import game and insert as pace PCB
  • Remove 2 internal plastic components that stop the imports from fitting
  • Cut the plastic on the cartridge shell (not a fan of this option only because it damages the cartridge)
  • Purchase Import Adapter

Super Nintendo Entertainment System “SNES” (NA Version)
Release Date: 1991
Compatible Media: Super Nintendo SNES Cartridges
Compatible Systems: No Backwards Compatibility
Power Supply: External power supply
Video Signal NTSC/PAL: Game Cartridge Manages NTSC/PAL output