Play TurboGrafx-16 Imports

The TurboGrafx 16 “TB16” in all models is very much like most home consoles, the cartridges are identical but will not play across different regions and is simply circumvented with a simple cartridge adapter.

The Sega Master System cartridge is physically the same across all regions and will physically fit into all genesis models from across the globe. More commonly the system and cartridge communicate to identify the regional system and will display a message if there is a mismatch. there are a few ways to bypass this systems including:


  • Purchase Import Adapter Cartridge [SIMPLE]
  • Install Region Switch [COMPLICATED]

Sega Master System “SMS”
Release Date: 1986
Compatible Media: Cartridges, Sega Cards (Model 1 ONLY)
Compatible Systems: No Backwards Compatibility
Power Supply: External power supply
Video Signal NTSC/PAL: Game Cartridge Manages NTSC/PAL output