Gundam Breaker PS3

8.5 Overall Score
Playability: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Replay: 7/10

Build Your Dream Gundam

No plot & Useless stats

Looking for a games to build and customize a Gundam well look no further

GUNDAM BREAKER Lets you build and pilot the Mobile Suit of your dreams.

Build, control & fight Mobile Suits from many sizes from 5 inch to 100 feet tall and most of you would think that’s a huge size difference this is no ordinary Gundam game you actually control Gundam Model kits.

This title combine many different game style combat is similar to DYNASTY WARRIOR GUNDAM and a little bit of MONSTER HUNTER gameplay.

But unlike DYNASTY WARRIOR GUNDAM your able to fully customize your Mobile Suits Head, Chest, backpack, Arms, Legs, Shield & Weapons each with its own abilities build a Mobile Suit focusing from close range to long range. Parts spanning from many different series from Original Gundam to Gundam Unicorn these parts can be collected from fallen enemies you can play true single player with AI partners or 3 player online co-op at first its a little difficult to navigate the Japanese menu but with the internet or trial and error it get easier every time. As for the rest of the game you battle on one field against hordes of enemies or continue on to multiple levels after defeating many enemies after another even fight against bosses twice or even 10 times your size from what i see so far after playing over 20 mission your main goal is to improve your Mobile Suit by Building and upgrading your part the more your build the more it level up.

This game will be fun to play for some or tidies for others but  its a quick action game made for fun at least there are other GUNDAM games on the PS3 like GUNDAM UNICORN, MS GUNDAM BATTLEFIELD 0081 and one of my favorite on the PS3 GUNDAM EXTREME VS.


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